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US Dec 10 2018 06:49 PM

Transforming Unifi

I have been asked many times how my management team at Unifi transformed a company that had lost money for 8 straight years into one that was profitable, with consistent earnings growth and over 200% stock appreciation ($7.25 in October 2007 to $25.00 in April 2016) versus 35% for the S&P.

US Dec 8 2018 07:15 PM

Duffle Bag Contract Awarded

date. Using military services are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Type of appropriation is fiscal 2019 through 2021

US Dec 7 2018 10:50 PM

Bally Ribbon Mills Announces Safety Webbing and Tapes for Fall Protection

and two dimensional and three dimensional structural fabrics. With more than 95 years of textile manufacturing experience, BRM has earned a

US Dec 7 2018 09:20 PM

3Di sails keep Minden’s North Sails out front

its manufacturing processes to shift away from producing yarn-based 3-dimensional sails (3DL) to an innovative fiber-based 3-D manufacturing

US Dec 7 2018 07:44 PM

This couch made from recycled water bottles is built to last a lifetime

of products from clothing to couches. Lovesac is a green furniture company using the recycled fabric to cover sofa cushions. While the eco-

US Dec 7 2018 06:30 PM

Synthetic Garment Insulation Made From 100% Recycled, Biodegradable Fibers

in the third quarter of 2020, said the company of Latham, New York, USA. PrimaLoft Bio fibers break down when exposed to landfill or the

US Dec 7 2018 06:30 PM

Upcycling for the Circular Economy – the Next Big Venture for Indorama?

nonwovens. IVL further acquired FiberVisions, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polyolefin fibers, with facilities in the USA,

US Dec 7 2018 06:03 PM

An interview with State Apparel’s founder Jason Yip

, California, and for State Apparel. Yip said State Apparel has two major foundations Functional innovation Social responsibility Jason

US Dec 7 2018 05:37 PM

Expiration of the Dominican Republic Earned Import Allowance Program (DR 2-for-1)

. The 10-year period expired on December 1, 2018. Entries of qualifying apparel under the DR 2-for-1 program may only qualify for duty-free

US Dec 7 2018 05:31 PM

DRÄXLMAIER Completes New Spartanburg County Expansion

to call South Carolina our home. Our latest expansion shows that we are committed to steady growth in the region. South Carolina offers us

US Dec 7 2018 03:56 PM

NCTO endorses U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

NCTO directors believe that USMCA offers improvements over NAFTA, including: • A standalone chapter for textile and apparel; NAFTA does not

US Dec 7 2018 03:21 PM

Sutter Street to open Mississippi upholstery plant

and as a result, our business has grown significantly in recent years,” said Williams-Sonoma Executive Vice President and COO Dean Miller in

US Dec 7 2018 03:02 PM

9Fiber, Inc. Wins $250,000 Grant Award through the Colorado Advanced Industries Accelerator Program

any particular cultivar of hemp and is the only company that has successfully derived textile grade fiber from cannabis waste. Any residual

US Dec 7 2018 01:30 PM

NCC at Work in 2018 to Ensure Economic Viability

competitiveness and efficiencies in the U.S. textile manufacturing industry, including stabilizing or increasing industry employment. The

US Dec 7 2018 12:02 PM

Boston Startup Takes on Problem Levi’s Won’t: Women’s Pockets

, who grew up in the textile business and is currently part of the MIT Advanced Functional Fabrics of America’s Entrepreneurship Program.

US Dec 7 2018 04:49 AM

Dave and Benton Gardner look back on long careers at SPESA

Editor’s note: Following is a Q&A with Dave and Benton Gardner, the husband and wife team that has led SPESA, a Raleigh, N.C.-based industry association for suppliers to the sewn products industry, for nearly three decades. They will retire at the end of the year. Their responses come in response

US Dec 7 2018 03:54 AM

Ilse Metchek, California Fashion Association

and legal rulings and their effect on California clothing businesses. She also keeps the apparel industry informed about what is going on in

Wilson College of Textiles Spring 2019 Career Fair set for February 28

Registration is now open for the North Carolina State University Wilson College of Textiles Spring 2019 Career Fair. The event is scheduled for February 28, 2019 in Raleigh, NC.

US Dec 7 2018 03:22 AM

AATCC to release newest volume of Technical Manual

The newest volume of the AATCC Technical Manual will be available beginning January 1. Each year, the manual includes new test methods, as well as revisions and updates of existing methods and evaluation procedures for textiles.

US Dec 7 2018 01:24 AM

AST Sportswear inherits Title of Large T-shirt Maker in the United States

in the South Bay area of Los Angeles: a knitting facility in Carson, Calif., and a dyeing and finishing facility in Hawthorne, Calif. These

US Dec 6 2018 09:54 PM

The Pantone Color of the Year Is Selected for 2019

and influences the way we experience life," said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute in New Jersey. "As a shade

US Dec 6 2018 07:52 PM

November 2018 Bid Protest Roundup

on the basis of the Berry Amendment, 10 U.S.C. § 2533a, alone. Let’s unpack that a little. The Berry Amendment, enacted in 1941 to ensure U

US Dec 6 2018 07:02 PM

VF Corporation Announces Company Name For Jeanswear Business Following Planned Separation: Kontoor Brands, Inc.

the opportunity to evolve the company in the years ahead,” said Steve Rendle, VF’s Chairman, President and CEO. More information about

US Dec 6 2018 06:29 PM

BodyBlock AI Solves Apparel Industry's Most Costly Problem - Poor Fit

, customer satisfaction and overall cost savings. Every year, apparel companies see $300 billion in revenue lost simply because clothing

NCTO Endorses USMCA; Pledges to Lobby Congress to Adopt the Agreement

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) board of directors has voted to endorse the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The United States, Canada and Mexico signed the USMCA on November 30.

US Dec 6 2018 04:35 PM

Canahuati And Cuervo Receive Americas Apparel Producers’ Network Industry Achievement Awards

to the AAPN Annual Conference. This led directly to a joint venture of the UTEXA Spinning operation and the 2018 Apparel Summit of the

US Dec 6 2018 04:14 PM

The National Council Of Textile Organizations (NCTO) Endorses USMCA; Pledges To Lobby Congress To Adopt The Agreement

apparel was $77.9 billion in 2017. U.S. exports of fiber, textiles and apparel were $28.6 billion in 2017. Capital expenditures for textile

US Dec 6 2018 03:15 PM

American Woolen Co. Expands, Adds New Dye Lab

and a brighter and more vibrant palette,” the company said. In addition, they’ve improved controls on machinery, enabling the firm to create

US Dec 6 2018 02:02 PM

Next generation execs talk benefits, challenges of supply chain visibility, technology

,” he said. “We don’t think of ourselves as a B2B business or a B2C business, but a B2One business. Whether on the web or in the store, it’s

US Dec 6 2018 12:05 PM

VF Corporation Announces Company Name for Jeanswear Business Following Planned Separation: Kontoor Brands, Inc. | Business Wire

of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies with socially and environmentally responsible operations spanning many

US Dec 6 2018 06:00 AM

Atlas 46 Coming To Hillsboro Community

nylon products for military and law enforcement. The company

US Dec 5 2018 09:36 PM

Vidalia Mills, Lubrizol to partner for stretchability, sustainability

VIDALIA, La. – New North American textile maker Vidalia Denim, a division of Vidalia Mills Co., announced that it has entered into a

US Dec 5 2018 09:21 PM

Ford will 3D-print parts for the Shelby GT500 at its new manufacturing facility

, and it's working with 10 different 3D-manufacturing companies across a variety of mediums, including nylon and carbon. Full screen 1/15

US Dec 5 2018 08:17 PM

Air Force Issues Guidelines for Operational Camouflage Uniform Patches

patches on their sleeves. Patch wear was phased out when the battle dress uniform was authorized in 2007, according to a recent Air Force

US Dec 5 2018 06:32 PM

Polartec® Power Air™ Launches with Adidas

certifications to create an unrivaled innovation pipeline devoted to producing sustainable fabrics with elite performance characteristics.

US Dec 5 2018 06:25 PM

Polartec Announces 2018 Apex Design Award Winners

5, 2018 — Polartec, the premium provider of innovative and sustainable textile solutions, announces the winners of its 2018 Polartec Apex

US Dec 5 2018 06:11 PM

Ford’s New $45M Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford Township Utilizes 3-D Printers, Virtual Reality

is working with 10 3-D manufacturing companies to develop applications with different materials – from sand to nylon powder to carbon. One

US Dec 5 2018 06:04 PM

CEO panel opens up about changing retail universe

moderated by Clarence Smith, president, chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based Havertys, and also featuring Irv Blumkin, CEO of Omaha, Neb.-based

US Dec 5 2018 05:23 PM

Rico Randegger Takes Over As Head Of The Rieter Business Group After Sales On June 1, 2019

1, 2019 to May 31, 2019, CEO Norbert Klapper will be responsible for the Business Group After Sales on an interim basis. Rico Randegger was

US Dec 5 2018 04:31 PM

Shaw Industries celebrates $250 million expansion in Andalusia

work at the plant, which creates fiber used to make carpet. Shaw Industries, under an umbrella of brand names, manufactures carpet,

US Dec 5 2018 03:38 PM

The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition and Crime Stoppers International Issue Tips to Help Holiday Shoppers Avoid Counterfeit Goods

, cosmetics, footwear and apparel. Because they do not follow industry guidelines, counterfeiters manufacture products with cheap,

US Dec 5 2018 03:30 PM

Convict in Plot to Export Carbon Fiber for Chinese Military Removed (Video) - American Security Today

M60 Carbon Fiber from the UC Company, paid the undercover agents purporting to represent the UC Company $23,000 in cash for the carbon fiber

US Dec 5 2018 03:15 PM

Woven in: Andrea Korotky nurtures a lifelong passion for her craft

she says, then launches into a detailed discussion of the business of sourcing yarn, which has changed considerably since her early days as

US Dec 5 2018 03:15 PM

The other three percent: Local clothes make the town

her daughter’s Sri Lanka wedding. The company promises stunning fabrics, expert design, and all-local manufacturing (CDC is partnering with

US Dec 5 2018 02:41 PM

U.S. Air Force Grad School Issues ‘Blockchain for Supply Chain’ Primer

the “unscrupulous” re-use of substandard fabrics via immutably monitoring their foundation, manufacturing, and due disposal. To design its

US Dec 5 2018 01:00 PM

Gibraltar Provides $5.5MM to Support Textile Company Acquisition

focused investment firm. The company is a manufacturer of braided, knitted, and woven narrow fabrics, specializing in the production of

Army Corps of Engineers installs final blue roof in Florida

prior to signing Right of Entry. Operation Blue Roof provides homeowners in disaster areas with fiber-reinforced plastic sheeting to cover

GB Dec 5 2018 11:06 AM

Gore to unveil new PFC-free DWR products

free of PFCs of Environmental Concern (PFCEC Free DWR). The company is committed to achieving its goal of eliminating PFCs of Environmental

US Dec 5 2018 03:31 AM

North Carolina State students talk STEM at Hickory High School

MRS Foundation provides funding through a Special Projects Grant to its university chapters to promote excitement among the community regarding materials-based research. The NC State University Chapter received $1,000 from the MRS Foundation through a grant proposal titled, “Materials Research for

US Dec 5 2018 12:29 AM

Silk to launch safe chemistry

fashion and textile industry and scale up production to meet global demand. Silk’s move into the apparel market demonstrates the company’s

US Dec 4 2018 09:23 PM

Silver Jeans' New Sizing Solution Helps Customers Find the Style that Fits

various garments on varying body types. To apply its numbering system to a brand, Fitcode uses a cross-section of the brand’s garments,

US Dec 4 2018 08:55 PM

12042018 Orian Debuts New Mid-Tier Palmetto Living Brand, Renames Showrooms

, the company began experimenting with new fibers, such as space-dyed polyester and higher-end products that helped propel the company to a

US Dec 4 2018 08:44 PM

CWU wins best in show design for third consecutive year

between Everett and Portland. Seattle is the seventh largest apparel manufacturing center in the United States and the fourth largest in

US Dec 4 2018 07:22 PM

Lectra Launches End-to-End Personalization Solution

this solution will allow companies to them to accurately match supply with demand, and solve a host of problems that regular business models

US Dec 4 2018 07:12 PM

CBP New York/Newark seizes nearly $1.7 Million in Counterfeit Nike Sneakers

counterfeit merchandise sales supports other nefarious and illicit businesses. On a typical day in 2017, CBP officers seized $3.3 million

US Dec 4 2018 06:56 PM

DLA supplies tents to hurricane victims on the Northern Mariana Islands of Saipan and Tinian

To provide relief to those affected by the Category 5-equivalent Super Typhoon which made landfall on the Northern Mariana Islands of Saipan and Tinian October 25, DLA Distribution Barstow is in the process of shipping more than 600 tents to the area.

US Dec 4 2018 04:45 PM

Suuchi Gets $37.7 Million Award to Expand N.J. Apparel Production

Suuchi Inc., a two-year-old New Jersey vertical apparel manufacturer, has secured a $37.7 million Grow New Jersey grant to expand its

US Dec 4 2018 04:45 PM

Army begins testing new, improved ghillie suits for snipers (PHOTOS)

, with the Army’s Program Executive Office Soldier, tasked with the update. “Soldiers are creating ghillie suits with their own materials to

GB Dec 4 2018 04:24 PM

Polartec collaborates with Backcountry

educational resources to our community,” commented Jonathan Nielsen, Backcountry CEO. “One result that we’re particularly proud of is our co

US Dec 4 2018 03:42 PM

Apparel Summit Of The Americas: Largest AAPN Event Of The Year

Apparel, the Elcatex Textile Mill and Stretchline. The second tour focused on Karim’s Group’s spinning mill. The afternoon conference

US Dec 4 2018 01:00 PM

Congress is poised to finally lift its longstanding ban on industrial hemp

mainly for its stalk and seeds — which can be utilized in the manufacturing of textiles, paper, animal feed, food-stuffs and numerous other

US Dec 4 2018 12:15 PM

Hexcel : Brett Schneider, Hexcel President Carbon Fibers, to Present Keynote at Carbon Fiber Conference

the market, its risks, challenges and opportunities for the future. Hexcel Corporation is a gold sponsor of the Carbon Fiber Conference and

GB Dec 4 2018 11:17 AM

Research to produce new fibres from waste cotton textiles

technology aimed at keeping millions of tonnes of cotton and cellulose waste out of landfills by spinning it into new fibres for clothing.

US Dec 4 2018 09:13 AM

Federal Acquisition Regulation: Revision of Limitations on Subcontracting

an end item with its own facilities (i.e., transforms raw materials, miscellaneous parts, or components into the end item being acquired).

US Dec 4 2018 04:29 AM

SEAMS & The Reshoring Initiative

/OEMS/vertical retailers; and textile providers (products produced in the U.S.). Relevant companies for any sewn products are encouraged to

Wilson College of Textiles alumna leads fit technology consulting firm

The future of fashion is fit technology, and Wilson College of Textiles alumna Jessica Couch (Textile and Apparel Management ‘10) is leading the revolution as founder of Luxor + Finch — a fit technology consulting firm that works with the best in the business as they prepare for the brave new world of fashion that actually fits.

US Dec 3 2018 09:53 PM

Prime Medical & Clorox Professional turn hospital curtains, lab coats, scrubs into germ-fighting shields

as possible source of nosocomial infections, Am J Infect Control 2011, 39: 555-9 [3] Laboratory conditions using AATCC 100 test method.

US Dec 3 2018 09:16 PM

U.S. Producers Of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin File Appeal Of U.S. International Trade Commission Injury Determination

) resin – DAK Americas LLC, Indorama Ventures USA, Inc., and Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, America – filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of

US Dec 3 2018 07:59 PM

Another two states add online sales tax

states including Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Utah and West Virginia will join the list of states collecting sales tax for

US Dec 3 2018 07:52 PM

Customization: The New Trend in Manufacturing Technology

2.0 Take, for example, the NIKEiD service offered by apparel company Nike. It gives customers the option to personalize various shoe parts,

US Dec 3 2018 07:47 PM

Compounding deals continue as multiples rise

, building and construction, and medical. • Nylon 6/6 leader Ascend Performance Materials purchased Britannia Techno Polymer B.V., an

US Dec 3 2018 07:27 PM

Georgia Ports Authority announces new inland terminal location

representatives from the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), Greater Hall Chamber and Norfolk Southern Railroad, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

US Dec 3 2018 06:56 PM

USITC Votes to Continue Investigations Concerning Polyester Textured Yarn from China and India

Carolina; Nan Ya Plastics Corp. America, Lake City, South Carolina. 3. USITC Institution Date: Friday, October 18, 2018. 4. USITC Conference

US Dec 3 2018 06:49 PM

1888 Mills Saves $140,000 in Energy Savings and Maintenance Costs

has become the fourth largest towel manufacturer in the world, and the largest towel manufacturer in the U.S. With facilities in the United

US Dec 3 2018 06:40 PM

AATCC Foundation Programs Support Textile Student Research and Education

H. Stone Scholarship, – Varley Family Textile Technology Scholarship – Charles E. Gavin, III Family Scholarship at Georgia Tech All other

US Dec 3 2018 06:37 PM

Varley Family Textile Technology Scholarship

intended career goals) in the field(s) of textile engineering, textile chemistry, textile science, or a related discipline, at either the

US Dec 3 2018 06:22 PM

Alpaca Owners Association Documents Antimicrobial Properties Of Raw Alpaca Fiber

sheep’s wool,” said Bud Synhorst, Executive Director of AOA. “This will increase the interest of alpaca fiber within the active apparel

US Dec 3 2018 06:03 PM

Fabricoil® Interior Partition Used for Wayfinding and an Aesthetic “Distraction”

the international leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of coiled wire fabric systems, recently provided a 519"

US Dec 3 2018 05:15 PM

Utah's Rags on its way to riches in kids apparel

and big company." Nilsson said Rags is her second foray into the apparel business following a brief turn at selling a line of self-designed

US Dec 3 2018 05:00 PM

Lenzing Applies For 25 Patents For LENZING™ Web Technology

textures, drapeability and dimensional stability than other nonwoven technologies. “Lenzing’s corporate strategy sCore TEN is very focused

US Dec 3 2018 01:33 PM

DoD Footwear Contract Awarded

completion date. Using customers are Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Type of appropriation fiscal 2019 defense working

US Dec 3 2018 01:30 PM

Hexcel Hires Colleen Pritchett as President – Aerospace, Americas

. It develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials including carbon fibers, specialty reinforcements

US Dec 3 2018 12:03 PM

Meet Tom Fuller: the Brains & Brawn Behind Armageddon Gear

later, he started to turn it into a real business. With most of the well-known nylon gear companies moving offshore, Tom wanted to create

US Dec 3 2018 11:26 AM

Century’s Shuford shares vision, strategy for newly purchased brands

to the integration of the companies under the RHF umbrella. Furniture Today: What is the mood at the companies now that the purchase has

US Dec 3 2018 11:18 AM

PEO Soldier Surveys Textile Industry for Army Green Service Uniform Manufacturers

like items to current manufacturers of Army Blue Service Uniform, supplying them fabrics, in lieu of GFM and meet the financial obligations

US Dec 3 2018 09:10 AM

Our View: Sewing school helps build bigger workforce

value-added products. One bright spot of the manufacturing economy is working with textiles, and a growing number of small outfits are

US Dec 3 2018 07:24 AM

FTC Testimony Signals Possible Increase in “Made in USA” Advertising Scrutiny

to pursue more stringent violations of the rules regarding “Made in USA” advertising. Domestic manufacturers also spoke out in favor of more

US Dec 3 2018 06:49 AM

Update: What is happening with the Bangladesh Accord?

the Clean Clothes Campaign the dire situation. On Thursday, all eyes will be on Bangladesh once again to see how the saga on garment worker

US Dec 3 2018 12:50 AM

Milliken & Company

savvy in their purchasing,” said Emily Michaels, Research Manager at Milliken & Company. “They may not know which chemicals are good or bad,

US Dec 1 2018 04:01 PM

JBB Packaging Plans Manufacturing Plant in Weldon, North Carolina

jobs in Halifax County. The company will recycle plastics and produce flexible packaging and garment bags. The new facility moving into the

US Dec 1 2018 05:03 AM

What were the 5 biggest business expansions announced for Chattanooga in 2018?

, Georgia by 2021 4. Dixie Specialty Fibers Inc. will build a $19 million microfiber production plant in Trion, Georgia that will employ

US Dec 1 2018 05:03 AM

Ford to integrate graphene-enhanced parts into its vehicles

material and weight, but with graphene, it’s the opposite, says John Bull, president of Eagle Industries (Wixom, MI, US), a supplier that

US Dec 1 2018 05:03 AM

Innovation in SMC: A long history and great potential

carbon fiber fabric SMC with chopped carbon fiber SMC. This idea of using a continuous fiber SMC comolded with conventional chopped fiber

US Dec 1 2018 05:03 AM

Cimarron advances micro-strain performance for cryogenic pressure tanks

composite tank structure, made with a combination of textiles with continuous wound fibers and an in-house resin, to be much thinner than

US Dec 1 2018 05:01 AM

The Briefcase: Forsyth Tech president plans innovation presentation

initiatives with such companies as Boeing, Reynolds American Inc., Hanesbrands Inc., Siemens and Caterpillar Inc. Richard Craver Bee Safe

2019 NCTO U.S. Textile Industry Calendar

The NCTO Industry Calendar is a comprehensive listing of U.S. textile trade shows and conferences in 2019.

US Dec 1 2018 12:26 AM

Growth in the inflatables market is coming from safety and protection

Mills Inc., a New Ipswich, N.H., company that develops and manufactures fabrics and materials for inflatable structures. But more and more,

US Dec 1 2018 12:26 AM

A faster path to market through industry dialogue and profitable partnerships

observation of MIT professor Dr. Yoel Fink, CEO of the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), to the effect that investment in R&D

US Dec 1 2018 12:14 AM

New smart fabrics and protective gear innovations keep first responders safer

Carolina State University’s Textile Protection and Comfort Center (TPACC) and Luna Innovations Inc., Roanoke, Va., to develop the garments (